Critical Analysis

International Confederation of Art Critics 

International Confederation of Art Critics Joy Osman is a wonderfully talented artist from the UK with a passion for creativity that stems from childhood. Osman trained at the Chelsea School of Art and specialises in magnificent abstract and figurative works, as well as illustrative drawings. Experimenting with a diverse variety of mediums, Osman’s abstract creations are explosions of colour, saturated with movement and enriched with impeccable brushwork that only accentuates her dreamlike spontaneity, albeit contained within a sense of musical rhythm and inherent balance. She utilises a distinct creative process that eloquently transmits her imagination, personality and skill.

Joy Osman’s artworks possess an alluring beauty that is conveyed through a wide range of expressive channels. She captures the viewer through her unique creative vision and imagination, inviting the observer to ponder and reflect, while the eye meanders through layers of rich hues and soft lines. The artist’s inner thoughts and emotions are translated into each artwork, forming an essential and intriguing bond between the artist and the onlooker. Osman’s artworks depict a variety of subjects, ranging from unique figures, to animals and people, exhibiting her innovative and complex artistic mind. The abstract compositions are powerful as well as evocative and can be characterised as abstract expressionist, with each work composed from new ideas and facets of the artist’s soul and emotions.

Osman can certainly be compared to the likes of Chagall, in terms of shape, idea and inspiration, as both artists are known for their angelic forms and human figures, as well as the integration of bold hues, expressionist and even surrealist elements in their artworks. Both artists share a passion for fantasy and possess a high measure of intellectual imagination, the catalyst for the powerful connection and intrigue provoked in their audiences.

Strong parallels can be also be drawn between Joy Osman and William Blake regarding the timeless feel of their work, the inclination towards the use of mythical figures, as well as their creative purpose. Osman’s thought provoking works of art radiate energy and generate curiosity and mystery. There is an unmistakable mythical energy in several of Joy’s figurative creations and an obvious inspiration drawn from mysticism. Joy Osman is an extremely multifaceted artist which is demonstrated through her abstract, figurative and illustrative work, confirming her immense talent and innovation as an artist. She can be characterised as an expressionist artist with a hint of fauvism, while modernism and symbolism are art movements which also help to describe her art.

Furthermore, it cannot be denied that in relation to the abstract work, connections can be made between Osman and Kandinsky, primarily in relation to the captivating choice of tones adopted in the paintings, as well as the distinct shapes and forms. Joy also conveys a profound spirituality through her creative language that transmits universal human emotions and ideas, allowing us to contemplate deeper meanings. The wonderfully unique creations incorporate chiaroscuro and are infused with depth and joyful serenity. A sublime melange of contrasting forms and shapes, combined with her innate ability to free her subconscious mind, distinguishes Osman from many other artists.

Joy’s art can be defined as a wonderfully positive combination of artistic concepts, as peaceful and intense compositions evolve into philosophical ideas. Her technique is extremely refined and she is indeed talented and unique. Osman is an artist with a rare creative ability that channels authentic spirituality and who shares delightful journeys of mystical interpretations and poetic messages.

Timothy Warrington
International Confederation of Art Critics